Francisco Besopo's and Francisco Besopa's cremations are on the same day, in the same funeral parlour and in adjacent rooms. Due to the secretary's poor handwriting and because the relatives are in the same waiting room, the mortuary make a bad mistake and put the same name on both urns. Bisila, Francisco Besopa's wife, wants to know at all costs which urn contains the ashes of her husband, in order to take them home. Gema, Francisco Besopo's daughter, wants to take the ashes of her father to Equatorial Guinea, because she is going to receive an inheritance if she does it. At this point, what to do with the ashes?


Astrid Jones, Beatriz Mbula

directed by

Isabel Lola

director's bio

Isabel Lola is a Spanish director, screenwriter and producer. In the world of short films, she's directed, written and produced three short films in addition to participating on several shorts' production teams.


Isabel Lola


Jennifer Carrera, Isabel Lola


5 minutes




Short Narrative